Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum

Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum is located right next to the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya.

The Museum takes visitors back 2500 years to the age of Buddha. Visitors get to see the life of Buddha, story of the Bodhgaya temple, places of interest around Bodhgaya and Teachings of Buddha.

Sections :

The Museum provides the historical and Geographical context for the life of Buddha through a set of multimedia films and 3D Animation movie :

  • »  3D Animation Movie : The animation movie narrates the story of Buddha from his birth to enlightenment and Mahaparinirvan. The movie also covers the history of Mahabodhi temple starting from the time Ashok built it to 2002 when the temple was declared as a UNESCO heritage site.
  • »  Geographical : In this section visitors learn about the geographical importance of Bodhgaya and its links with other important places like Pataliputra and also the places in the Silk route. Visitors will get to see a guided video documentary with video clips of historical places around Bodhgaya with narration about stories associated with the place.
  • »  Historical : This section depicts the archaeological and historical accounts of Bodhgaya through a short presentation with rare photographs and audio visuals of Bodhgaya and Mahabodhi temple. One gets to know the good and bad times the Mahabodhi temple has seen over 2000 years of its existence, its sad state before the restoration efforts in late 18th century which resulted in the Mahabodhi temple you see today and the current management structure.
  • »  Thoughts of Buddha : This section covers the key aspects of Buddhism and Buddha's teachings including the Universal Truths, The Eight Fold Path or The Middle Path to Nirvana through an easy to follow and crisp audio visual presentation.

From the visitor book

Kathy Jones, PA, USA
I am very happy to see all you have done to educate people about this beautiful place and the life of Buddha.

Dichyi Bhoti, Wangchule, Delhi
Everything was amazing, especially the 3D movie and the Teachings of Buddha presentation. It was informative and the staff are sincere and cordial.

Sonam Yeshey Khymsar, Darjeeling
A totally different kind of experience. I came to know more about Bodhgaya and Lord Buddha. After having seen all the four sections I have become more compassionate and strong in my beliefs and now have more positive approach towards life.

Bill Yong, UK
Very informative and the animation movie was so moving.

Chokey Lunov, Ladakh
It is really comprehensive and really worth seeing. It would be very good if in future, you could provide in different languages including Tibetan as well.